The Church of England in Tenterden
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In the spring of 2011, we at St Mildred’s started out on a journey. The journey began with a humble discussion: how could we make St Mildred’s a more welcoming building? We didn’t know it then, but as a result of that discussion, the journey would develop into something incredibly exciting. That ‘incredibly exciting something’ is the transformation of St Mildred’s into a place that will respect traditional worship and release the contemporary; into a place where the whole life of the community can be celebrated; into a place which will express the rich history of Tenterden; into a place which will be at the heart of the community, with the community at its heart.

What you see here gives a flavour of this wonderful project. This is the biggest thing to happen to St Mildred’s for perhaps two hundred years. Come with us on the journey.